hyggecolour DREAMISH CLOUDS Hoodie-Towel for babies — a bamboo towel with a hood with a CLOUD theme from the unique DREAMISH CLOUDS collection. The towel has a hood with a pastel cloud pattern that will effectively dry the baby’s hair and protect the baby’s head from temperature loss. As an addition, the towel has a small pocket and a loop for easy hanging. The towel is grey with a colourful — contrasting element — the hood. It was finished all around with a grey trimming. Universal grey and pastel-coloured accent is a combination that will perfectly match with many other colours of the baby’s layette elements and baby’s room or nursery.

Universal product with following uses:
to dry your baby after bathing or washing
as a dressing gown or a cape
as an extremely absorbent swaddle, thanks to its high basis weight of 500 GSM

Baby’s hoodie towel from hyggecolour DREAMISH CLOUDS is made of bamboo yarn with a loop cover — this way of weaving allows you to obtain high-quality bamboo terry cloth that will provide the following benefits: 

  • natural raw material — bamboo fibre’s plant origin made from bamboo wood. Its cultivation does not require fertilization or pesticides, it is the fastest renewable plant resource of the earth — reaching an increase of up to 1 m per day, which makes this plant species the fastest growing plant in the world. Bamboo fibre is 100% biodegradable in the natural environment,
  • active moisture management — a product made of bamboo yarn with protruding loops (terry loops) perfectly absorbs moisture, absorbency is further increased due to the microstructure of the bamboo fibre — water absorption is 60% higher than when using cotton,
  • high thermoregulatory properties — bamboo fibre fabric has many micropores, thanks to which it provides high breathability of the towel, in addition, in hot weather such fabric remains 2-3 degrees cooler than cotton, while in cool conditions it warms and retains heat,
  • smooth finish — bamboo fibre guarantees softness and silky grip and these are very desirable features of a towel for the youngest because the skin of a newborn and child is particularly susceptible to irritation,
  • durability — the towel made of bamboo fibre is extremely delicate and soft — like silk but at the same time very durable and resistant to stretching. These properties are achieved by the structure and features of bamboo wood. In addition, properly selected weave density and basis weight ensures long-term use as well as the possibility of repeated washing without losing the original properties of the towel,
  • lightweight workmanship — bamboo fibre is a lightweight material, which means that the fabric is also very light thanks to which the product is very convenient to use and it is ideal for packing, e.g. for a trip, 
  • flexibility — a fabric made of naturally flexible bamboo fibre also takes on this feature. Bamboo yarn stays elastic for a long time even during frequent use and washing,
  • anti-static — the natural origin of the fibre from which the towel’s fabric is made of causes less susceptibility to static electricity (electrostatic discharge), thanks to which towel is safe and comfortable, in addition, thanks to non-electrification, the towel does not attract dirt and remains hygienic much longer.

Manufactured entirely with the greatest care in Poland (EU).

IMPORTANT: Before using the towel for the first time, you should wash it — instructions on how to wash the towel — below.

* The towel reaches full absorbency after the first wash

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